Init Post


This month is October and it is almost close to the end of 2021. I did not write an article at all this year because I lost a lost of new articles during I reinstall my laptop. It really made me feel frustrated. Another reason is because that my frequency of job change this year is a bit frequent. I am not a person who is afraid on job change. Of course, there will be disputes from my family or friends about my frequent job changes, but I would rather look for a suitable position for me than the eyes of others.

In these 2 years, I have been engaged in front-end, full-stack development and DevOps. When I was in this position for a while, I started asking myself if this position I really want to engage in. In order to put myself into the right place, meanwhile, I tried to find out what I did when I become more enthusiastic. In the result, I finally decided to become a Cloud Practitioner as my career destination on this September and I chose AWS due to my past experience. In addition, for the purpose of proving myself, I gave myself a challenge to obtain the Solution Architect Associate by the end of this year.

I will post any technique I learned or issue I ran into about AWS, container, kubernetes or DevOps.

Happy learning, happy coding!